> NROL: The New Rules of Lifting with Logs

It has been some time since I last met with my Personal Trainer.  I happen to like him as an individual.  He is professional, knows what he is doing and translates it well for me.  At the end of each 10 weekly sessions, he provides me with a work out program for the next couple of months.  The expectation is that I will be back in 2-3 months.

It has been more than 3 months since I last worked with him.  I have been following his program and bluntly – I am bored.  I really do not want to start again with him for any one of a number of reasons.  One major one is being involved with the the 52DC has given me the confidence to “take off the training wheels.”  I think I learned that well last 52DC with the push-up mini challenge with Skycabin and again with the chin-up mini challenge. 

A number of individuals in these MH forums have recommended doing the NROL workouts.  Those are designed by Alwyn Cosgrove who was featured in the TNT book and who influenced Adam Campbell as Adam developed the TNT workout plan.  Many TNTers have gone from the TNT workouts directly to the NROL workouts.  Many individuals in the 52DCs have been using the NROL workouts. 

I purchased the book back in early December.  My son had gotten me the ABS Diet books for my birthday.  He wrongly assumed that since they were trumpeted by Men’s Health and Rodale Press, that they would be consistent in their programs – how wrong he was and is.  I returned those books and got the New Rules of Lifting.

It has taken me three months to finally get me to not merely read it, but to commit to doing it.  I have just started the NROL Break In program.  I am back again to carrying a clip board and recording all of my workouts on NROL Break In Workouts A & B.

I am now confronting two of my demons: Dead Lifts and Squats.

Edit 6/20/09: I started NROL Fat Loss I on Monday, June 8, 2009. Still walking around with the NROL Fat Loss 1 A & B Charts.  Completed the program on July 9, 2009.  The Bulgarian Split Squats are not fun.  My ability to balance is really just dismal.  My Dead Lifts and Squats are getting better.  The program is actually 12 workouts long, 6 for A and 6 for B.  So, just when you are starting to feel comfortable with a movement and really start to increase the weights, you move onto the next program.  Keeps things hoping.  You can cycle back.

Edit: 7/12/09: I started NROL Fat Loss II this morning. Created NROL Fat Loss II Charts. I have now done both the A and B workouts.  The Bulgarian Split Squats with Overhead Press are just Sadistic.  The Front Squats are just tough to position and the T-Push-up is just plain tough.  I will continue onward.  No turning back now.

Edit: 8/6/09: I completed NROL Fat Loss II on Thursday. Did not lose any weight. That is because of my eating, but there is no question that I have been lifting heavier. My Wide or Snatch Grip Dead Lift was at 155 pounds. Now that may not seem to be a lot for you, but for me – I am one happy guy. Same thing with most other exercises. The Bulgarian Split Squat is a real balance problem. The Front Squat is similarly a functional problem – balancing the bar and squatting at the same time. I did manage to get those T-Push-ups under control. Not a pretty sight – but – hey – so what.

I am taking a break from exercising and will be starting NROL Fat Loss III in about a week.

Edit: 9/13/09: I started NROL Fat Loss III on Sunday, August 16th. No question this was a devil of a workout. Trying to do all the super sets without a break produces SWEAT. I finally finished the program yesterday, Saturday, September 12th. Happily. Not going to tell you that I did perfect form – but I did them as best I could within the time limitations. Here are the NROL Fat Loss III Charts. Hope you find them useful.

I am going to stick my toes in the water and start NROL Hypertrophy I Workout A tomorrow. Wish me luck. Here are those NROL Hypertrophy I Charts.

Edit: 10/31/09:  Completed NROL Hypertrophy I Workouts today.  I have been faced with the decision whether or not to continue with II or go in another direction.  Some of the workouts in Adam’s new book MH’s BBOE look interesting but they require a bit more study and a bit of a learning curve.  I will take the easy way and continue with II, starting tomorrow with Workout A.  It is 3 different workouts designed to be done with one day of rest between each workout.  There is further problem:  II does not include squats and I need to complete them for the 3600.  I decided to modify Workout B by adding Squats.  Also, timing is tough.  The only way I can do these 3 workouts is timing them for Sun, Tues, Thurs.  That leaves me with Mon, Wed, Sat for Cardio.  I have to start this tomorrow, Sunday and will not do my next cardio until Monday.  I may end up doing a couple of doubles to hit my cardio goal.  I am already behind. Here are the NROL Hypertrophy II Charts.

I never did Hypertrophy III. I got bored with the program and moved onto the BBOE programs. I may go back and move on to III or to Strength.

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