> Workout Buddy – NOT!

Every exercise book, magazine, or Trainer touts the benefits of working out with a workout buddy.  There are no questions that having a partner to workout with you can be a benefit.  This is especially true if you are on the same page, meaning that you are at similar levels of fitness and doing similar, if not the same exercise programs.  If so, then you can support each other’s goals, switch off on the same machines, cheer each other on and importantly – be an intelligent spotter.

Are there draw backs – oh yeah!

I am a guy who likes to workout first thing in the morning.  Today, since I am on vacation I made plans to work out with a friend.  Instead of bright and early, we agreed on 10:00am.  I had no problem, since today is Sunday and I am 1,500 miles away from home with no pressing obligations,  I got up early and had breakfast.  I do not want to have a lot of dietary fat floating around in my system pre-exercise.   Ran some errands and got back to our place to await his call.  10:00am the call came.  His alarm didn’t work and he just woke up.  He’ll be here about 11:00 – maybe.  Still OK, I’ll just have a protein shake before we head off to the gym.  My Wife’s not happy, since it now delays lunch and delays her plans for the afternoon.

This has been my experience – repeated over the years.   “I can’t go today, wait ’till tomorrow.”  Tomorrow comes and he can’t get there.  Then I go and we are out of sync.

“”I’ve got to do a fast workout today, have a business/family/community obligation.”

“Can we switch to after work, mid days are getting crowded for me.”

Name that excuse. 

I have found that setting my own schedule and sticking to it, is the only way I can make this happen for me.  So now, I am up at 5:30 each weekday morning, Monday through Thursday and at the gym by 6:15.  On Weekends it is up at 6:00 and at the gym by 6:45 or so.

It is 11:00am, he just called – running a bit late.

The good part about working out at the same time each day, especially early in the day is that the gym is rarely crowded and the same guys are there – the Regulars.  A smile, a short chat, and always willing to answer a question or spot.  These guys (and gals) have become my workout Buddies.  Always there and always reliable and never bitch at me if I don’t show up.

Chose your workout buddy wisely.

He arrived at 11:30am – had a good workout.

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  1. Steve
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 11:58:43

    I fired my workout buddy today. LOL. Got a spot from a regular on decline bench and had a real good workout.

    Happy Anniversary BTW!


    • TNT Man
      Aug 20, 2010 @ 13:22:08

      I have found that if you exercise at the same time every day, you become a regular and the others – even the non-talkative ones – are always willing to spot you. Of course – you had better be willing to do the same.

      I have never had a successful long term – as in more than a month – workout buddy. so I gave up looking and asking.

      Enjoy the weekend
      TNT Man


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