The Summer 2018 52DC Starts Wednesday


The Summer 2018 52DC Starts Wednesday – May 30th. Have you Signed Up yet?

Summer 2018 – 52 Day Challenge – Getting Ready


The Summer 2018 –  52 Day Challenge – starts Wednesday, May 30th.

Are you ready?

Have you joined the 52 Day Challenge Facebook Group?

Have you read the FAQs?

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Have you Signed-Up for the Challenge?

Time to make things happen for yourself. See you at the Starting Line.

March 12th – 2018 – 11 Year Anniversary


11 Years – Can you believe it? Never thought I’d be able to maintain my weight this long. Never thought I’d be able to eat Low Carb this long. It is amazing – just amazing.

No – I am not a Low Carb fanatic. Yesterday – went to a grand niece’s eight birthday party. There was an overwhelming amount of carbs and a paltry amount of protein. I relaxed and enjoyed – but did not overindulge.

Got up this morning and put on a pair of pants that I bought years ago – still fits.

Most all of my clothing fits. The only problem – working out – and having some clothing no longer fit my body – but not because I gained weight.

Still exercising. Still doing 50 push-ups a day. Still doing 240+ chin/pull ups a week. Still making progress. Still recovering from two hip replacements and a bad knee.

This is not just me – this can be you. Just set your mind to it and realize you can turn yourself into the person you want to be.

See you at the 52 DC Starting Line on Wednesday.

Spring 2018, 52 Day Challenge – Count Down

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The Spring 2018 –  52 Day Challenge – starts this Wednesday, March 14th.

Are you ready?

Have you joined the 52 Day Challenge Facebook Group?

Have you read the FAQs?

Have you set your Goals?

Have you Signed-Up for the Challenge?

Time to make things happen for yourself. See you at the Starting Line.

And The Winter 52DC Ends – not with a bang but a …………………

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The Winter 2018 52 Day Challenge ended last Friday. Not my greatest effort – but I am still happy. There were a lot of bumps-in-the-road that could have thrown me completely off course. Instead – we soldered threw. Here are my final numbers:

My Final Numbers for Winter 2018 52 Day Challenge.

  • CE: 96/102/96 (100%) This was the toughest goal to achieve.
  • RT: 18/15 (120%)
  • CT: 18/15 (120%)
  • PG1 (Push-ups): 2600/2600 (100%)
  • PG2 (Chin/Pull-ups): 1080/800 (135%)
The next 52DC starts on Wednesday, March 14th. I leave for another week in Florida on March 18th. When we get back – my daughter and grandson are here for a visit – and a couple of big family dinners are on tap. The I have a business trip during the first week in April. Damnation – this coming 52DC is going to be tough.
Add to that – March 12th is my 11th anniversary of eating Low Carb. Who said it is not maintainable?

40-4-40 Challenge

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How much time do you spend exercising? Over the years at the Gym, I’ve seen everything from Gym rats who spend hours at a time exercising to those that do less than 30 minutes. Of course, there are always those who are there for an hour or more and spend 80% of the time talking.

As part of the 52DC we came up with the 40-4-40 Challenge to encourage individuals to really do a workout. Here’s how it works.

The 40-4-40 is complete when the participant completes 40 exercise sessions (CT/RT or any combination) lasting 40 minutes or greater. This simple structure will help you build the body you always wanted while shedding those extra pounds. Here are the simple rules for participation:

1 – The sessions should be done one at a time.

2 – The minutes are not cumulative (i.e. – you cannot do a 60 minute workout one day and a 20 minute the next and count them as two.)

3 – A spin class that lasts 60 minutes, would only count as one 40 minute session.

4 – However, if there is a distinct break, it counts as two sessions (i.e. – 45 minutes on elliptical and then lifting for 40 minutes.)

5 – There is one exception: If you walk 20 minutes to work each day, then on the same day walk 20 minutes home, that would count as 1 event.

This may be listed as one of your Personal Goals.

Over the years, questions were asked that we thought were not needed to be set forth.

Does your warm-up and cool-down exercises and stretches count in the 40 minutes? YES.  That is always a component of your workout.

What about rest time between exercises – should it be deducted from the 40 minutes? NO. Required rest – is just that – required rest.  However, talking time doesn’t count. You should be working out – not talking.

Almost all of my workouts exceed 40 minutes. More often than not, I may have to aggressively keep them to 40 minutes so I can get to work on time.

One of the benefits – It helps you focus on being more efficient with your workout time.

Just one of the things you learn by being part of the 52 Day Challenge.

Happy New Year!

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May you and yours have a Joyous and Healthy New Year!


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