Summer 2017 – 52 Day Challenge starts Wednesday

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The Summer 52 Day Challenge starts this Wednesday, May 31st. The Sign-up Thread has been posted. The FAQs have been updated. The Sign-up Thread for the Weight Loss sub-challenge has been posted. Time to get on board.

I’ve been doing these Challenges for what seems like forever. I actually started in the Summer of 2008. Five Challenges a year for Nine years. Why?

I have lost weight – lots of weight – multiple times. I have never been able to keep it off.

I have started an exercise program multiple times. I have never been able to stick with it.

This is the first time that I have kept the weight OFF!

I have ONE – set of clothing that fits – no matter what the season. I no longer have multiple sizes tucked away in the back of the closet. The last group of over-sized clothing was pulled out of a storage bin under my bed and is being given to a charity fund raiser. The good part – I found a sweater that still had the tags on it — that finally fits. Too bad it is summer.

It is really nice to be able to reach into the closet and have it fit. No guessing – no hoping – it just fits.

This is the first time I have stuck with going to the gym. No – I am not able to lift up small VWs – but I can do multiple sets of chin-ups and pull-ups without using an assisted pull-up machine. I am recouping the strength in my legs after having both hips replaced over the last three years.

It is now 10 years of eating Very Low Carb and exercising 6 days/week. 

I can’t argue with the results – and I can let you know – that much of my success has come from participating in the 52 Day Challenges.

It’s your turn! See you at the Starting Line.


Spring 52 Day Challenge Starts March 15th

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The Winter Challenge ended the day before I left on vacation. Timing is everything. Here are my results, which earned me a Platinum Medal.

Clean Eats: 98/102/96 (102.08%) 
Resistance Training: 20/20 (100%) 
Cardio Training: 20/20 (100%) 
Personal Goal 1 (Chin/Pull-ups): 585/500 (117%)
Personal Goal 2 (Push-ups): 1835/1500 (122.33%)

Question of the Day: What was your biggest success for the challenge, and what was your biggest hardship? Did you learn anything along the way?

Answer of the Day: My biggest hardship was the same as my biggest success – coming back from the hip surgery. Still have a lot more work to do on strengthening my legs and knees – but making progress. Got back to doing 50 push-ups and 10+ chin/pull-ups a day. Surprise success: down a solid 10 pounds from just before surgery. If I net out the extra weight from the prosthetic hips – it may be closer to 12 pounds. The scale said 175 this morning. Happiness Now – I just need to lock it in place – which is really the hard part. Hmmmm – I wonder what 170 looks like?

A 10 day vacation – did have an impact – but – not that much. I’m OK – still well below my goal weight and still wondering if I should lower my Goal Weight.

Don’t you think it’s about time for you to join the 52 Day Challenge. The Spring Challenge starts on March 15th.

The Sign-Up Thread has been posted.

There is a wealth of information in the FAQs.

Check it out. See you on the 15th.

I am equal to the challenge of my life.

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A bit off topic – but seriously – some of the stuff posted on Facebook is really silly.

One guy I know posted the following: I am equal to the challenge of my life.

I’m aware of his life – there are no big challenges.

He is not married.  He has no children.

He has minimal debt other than a college loan and minimal personal responsibilities.

He has a good job – and chooses to only work 3 maybe 4 days a week.

What challenges are there to meet?  Living?

There are so many individuals around us who struggle through life and meet the challenges of Cancer, disabled children, job loss, divorce and illnesses of one form or another.

Are you equal to the challenges of your life?