The Six Unwritten Rules of the Gym

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I get the Weekly Dose T Nation. If you don’t subscribe – you should. Yeah – much of it is real metal heads – but I pick up hints almost every week. Hints that make my work outs more effective.

Today’s Weekly Dose includes an ArticleThe 6 Unwritten Rules of the Gym by by John Romano.  Check it out.

This article particularly resonated with me today. At the gym this morning, I had to go in search of a Swiss Ball – all of which were not where they should be. Then this individual dropped 2 – 20 pound dumbbells on the linoleum walk way with a Bang and just left them there while she did something else. She did it a 2nd time with another set of DBs. It took me awhile – but I finally recognized her – she used to work out at NYSC where I worked out years ago – before it recently close. she is in law enforcement – really – she enforces the rules we live by.

So here are the rules – with a bit of my personal commentary.

1 – Put Your Shit Away

This is probably the one that gets everyone annoyed. Someone will load up a bar – do their sets – and just leave it there. Damn – it is part of the exercise to load and unload the bar. Picking up dumbbells or kettlebells and returning them – is just common courtesy. Leaving them lying around for someone to trip on – your bad.

2 – Treat the Gym Like Your Home (Or Better)

People can be slobs. Sweat on a bench and leave it. Spill your water bottle and don’t clean up. Spit into the water fountain – yech. Fail to flush the toilet – come on!

3 – Don’t Flirt. Or At Least Don’t Be Creepy

I’m an old married guy – but I can spot the guys that are on the make. Some are down right creepy. Others – well – things are OK until they’re not. Yes – there are clubs that pander to the single crowd. Then go there. 

4 – Don’t Steal From the Gym or Other Members

This is the one that gets me crazy. Do you really need to pocket a $3.00 item – so I have to go looking for the various hooks and other smaller items  – particularly the carabineer . Seriously – where is your moral code?

5 – Don’t Block the Mirrors

The mirror is a tool to check out your form – not to check out your biceps. I do enjoy watching the college guys do a quick mirror check – it is funny – if they only knew that others were laughing at them.

6 – Never Distract Anyone Doing a Set

Why does this even need to be said. You see someone in mid set – stand back. What ever you need or where ever you are going – can wait the couple of seconds – or you can take a detour.

There are many other “rules.” 

Don’t do curls in the Squat Rack

Don’t hog a piece of equipment – let others play through while you take a break.

What are your pet peeves?


You’re in Great Shape!


Went to the Gym this morning.  Got there about 7:30 am.  Quiet morning.  Today was an RT workout. Started with our normal warm up & stretching including a set of 50 push-ups.  Then on to the scheduled RT.
  • Wheel Roll Out
  • Swiss Ball Hip Raise and Leg Curl
  • Barbell Row – 90 pound bar
  • Farmer’s Walk – 45 pound plate in each hand for 60 paces and return
  • Barbell Bench Press – finally back up to 135 (including bar)
I feel good about the long road back. 
I’m not a talker at the gym.  I focus on my workout and taking my wife through her workout.  I am a head nod’r and “Good Morning”  guy.  I acknowledge those who are there during the times we workout. Seriously – not sure how you can see someone almost every morning and not acknowledge their existence.  There are guys like that.  Not me.
Finished the workout and was in the locker room packing up.  Another guy who I see a couple of times a week turns to me and asks:  

“How old are you guys?”  

Huh? and he repeats the question.  I chuckle and respond “We are both 71.  Why?”

He looks at me and says: “You are in great shape!”  

“Thanks”  “How old are you?” I asked.  


I returned the compliment – “You are good shape as well.”  

“Not like you.”  

I laugh and say “Have a good weekend” as we walk out the door.

No question that my effort is paying off.  Others have noticed.  Always nice to get a compliment.
BTW:  The next 52 Day Challenge starts on Wednesday October 28th.  These Challenges have kept me focused on my workout and I will keep them up. 
Just realized, I never reported my final results from the last challenge. So – here they are my final numbers for Friday, October 2, 2015 – Day 52 (100%)
  • Clean Eats: 97/104/96 (101.04%)
  • Resistance Training: 20/20 (100%)
  • Cardio Training: 20/20 (100%)
  • Personal Goal 1: (Push-ups): 2650/2600 (101.92%)
  • Personal Goal 2: (Chin-ups): 930/520 (178.85%)
I’m getting ready for the next Challenge – just need to update my workout.  Project for this weekend.

52 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow – Wednesday March 18th.

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leprechaun weight Lifting

Now this is the better way to celebrate the wearing of the green!

Tomorrow is the first day of the Spring 52 Day Challenge.  I looked over the Sign-Up Thread – always curious to see who is joining the Challenge.

There are a number of Challengers who have not been around for the past couple of Challenges.  Great to see them back at it. This is shaping up to be a fun group.  I really enjoy the interaction in and among the participants.  Reading everyone’s post is part of my day.  Much better than playing a game on my Smart Phone.

The alarm went off at 5:10 this morning. Seriously – how was I able to get up at that time for the last umpteen years.  I did it.  Woke my wife up as well.  We got to the Gym at 6:10.  Nice to see so many familiar faces.  Many came up to me and asked what happened.  All wished me well.  Encouraging.

I probably have 3-4 more weeks of PT.  Once that ends, I will go back to 6 days a week at the gym.  Now – alternate my gym days with my PT Sessions.

BTW:  You still have time to sign up for the Challenge.  Don’t hesitate – do it now.  See you at the starting Line.

Find a Way

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Diana Nyad’s Mantra That Drove Her Historic Cuba to Florida Swim
By | ABC News Blogs 

“Diana Nyad used just one word – “euphoric” – to describe how she felt upon reaching the shores of Key West Monday at the end of a 112-mile, record-breaking swim.

But it was three words that Nyad, 64, relied on over the past year, she revealed today on ” Good Morning America,” to conquer a feat – swimming from Cuba to Florida without a shark tank – that had previously eluded any other human being and Nyad herself in her four previous attempts.

“I decided this year to use a mantra … and the phrase I decided to use was ‘Find a way,'” Nyad told “GMA” anchor Robin Roberts.

“If something is important to you and it looks impossible and you’re up against it, just step back for a minute and say, ‘Really? Do I have the resolve to think of everything [to the] nth degree to get through this?’ and most times we do,” she said. “People give up too quickly.”

Naturally I’m thrilled for her. But also – thrilled for me and so many others over the age of 60, who are pushing themselves physically. I started this journey at 63 1/2. In less than a month, I’ll be 69. This morning I dead lifted more than a young – and I do mean young – guy who followed me. 

I’m happy for all the AKs out there doing their thing and Finding a Way.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who has the biggest guns of all?

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I don’t do split workouts.  I’ve always tried to do a full body workout each time.  Yes, on any given day, there may be more of an emphasis on one area or another – but – that is only because I can’t do two major lifts in one workout.

Some how I ended up getting constant posts from the “Do You Even Lift” Facebook site.  I usually enjoy the pictures they post.  Many are down right funny.  One of their constant themes is “Don’t Skip Leg Day.”  The theme is punctuated by a picture showing someone whose upper body is well-developed but whose lower body is just seriously out of proportion – skinny sticks in comparison to their upper body.

Usually I do not pay attention to those around me while I am working out – particularly how muscled or not they are.  Today – while I was playing Personal Trainer to my wife, I had a chance to just glance around.  There was a guy who was handling 100 pound dumbbells from a seated position.  Later he went to machines that focused on the upper body – defined as arms.  When he stood up – I noticed his calves – really skinny in comparison to his arms which were massive.  Then I noticed a couple of other guys with similar unbalanced development.

Mirror Muscles:  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who has the biggest guns of all?

Day 52 of the 52DC and Vacation Reading


Today is the last day of the Classic 52 Day Challenge.  Since yesterday was a packing and travel day for a long week away in Sunny South Florida, I didn’t get in a workout.  That was more to do with the prior night’s meeting which lasted until 10:00pm.  I can’t get up early after a late night.

Today – shop and fill the fridge so we can stay on track.  Join the local “Zoo” gym for a week and get in a workout.  Tonight we are going out with friends.

I have hit all of my 52DC goals and could take the day off.  My wife does not want to – she WANTS to go to the gym.  Is she becoming a Gym Rat.

I am at 7000 push-ups – let’s see if I can hit 7200 by the end of the day.

I bought The Ketogenic Diet by Lyle McDonald as my main vacation read.  The hard copy is way to big and bulky to read on the plane.  I ended up buying and downloading to my Kindle: The Great Cholesterol Myth by Johnny Bowden, PH.D., C.N.S. and Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C.  So far –  so good.

My wife bought a couple of romance novels for her vacation read.  No complaints – we both win.

Exercise for the Health of your Brain

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I caught an Article on Yahoo:  For a Healthy Brain, Physical Exercise Trumps Mental Workout, by Christopher Wanjek, LiveScience Bad Medicine Columnist, LiveScience.com.  This study involved more than 600 people in Scotland between the ages 70 and 73.

Regular physical exercise appears to protect the brain from shrinking, an otherwise natural process in old age that is associated with memory and thinking problems.

Conversely, mentally and socially stimulating activities, long believed to stimulate the brain, had no major effect on preventing brain shrinkage, according to a study published today (Oct. 22) in the journal Neurology.

If the impact of exercise on the elderly in Scotland does not persuade you, then check out the following (thanks to Jam Fan’s post on the 52DC):

Does this mean we have to revise all of our jokes about the intelligence of Weight Lifters?  – OR – Is this the way Arnold increased his intelligence enough to become Governor?

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