10> A History Lesson

All who know me, have seen me go up and down the scale in LARGE leaps.   Can’t even remember them all.


Mother took me to the Doctor and I went on a diet.  It was between my 8th and 9th grade years.  No meds – just what we would now call clean eating.  Lost a lot and entered my Freshman (9th) grade year looking pretty good.

There was another weight loss in the early 60’s while I was in college – but memory fails me.


The thinnest I have been in modern memory was somewhere around 1969.  We were on weight watchers and I got down to 156 pounds – Whoa.   I remember the yellow and red plaid bell bottoms that my wife made for me.  Hey – it was the times.   Mutton Chops and all.


Went up the scale again – could not maintain that low weight.  Got big.  Dieted again – weight watchers – and got down to a low weight – don’t remember the number.  Do remember that it was approximately 1981.  Went on a cruise as a thin man and had a great time.  Oh – had one pair of size 32 shorts. 

Gym Time:

That weight loss was also when I started exercising.  Went to a gym, Nautilus equipment.  This was a BIG event.  So we now need to talk about being in Corrective Gym in High School.  This is a painful memory, and has colored my attitude about exercise, ever since.

Everyone else had gym 2 or 3 days a week with a full curriculum.  But those of us who were the Shlubs – the overweight or skinny or weak LOSERSwere put into the weight room 5 days a week.  The Phys Ed teacher was a Sadist.  He did to us what would put him in jail today.  Try a hundred pound barbell on your shoulders and do duck walks around the parameter of the gym.   Ruined my knees – still have pain – and can’t do a full lunge or squat. 

Meanwhile – he was in his office with the other phys ed guy – smoking.  Is it wrong to hope they suffered a painful life with emphysema or lung cancer?

My only saving grace was that I was in band.  So – I only had gym 2-3 times a week instead of 5. 

So – going back to to 1980 – when I started dieting and exercising.  A friend and I went to the local small Nautilus fitness center to try it out.  Walking through that door was probably the most heroic or painful thing I have ever done.

With my luck – the guy that gave us the introductory workout, was the owner’s dad – a construction guy.  Boy – did he make us hurt.  Reminded me of my phys ed teacher – only nicer.  I signed that agreement with my hand actually shaking from the workout.

Really got into the workout – it was simple.  Do the circuit in the order the machines were laid out.  Raise the weight once you could do 12 reps but not so heavy that you couldn’t do  8 reps.  Increase the weight by 5% until you got to 100 pounds then increase by 10%.  One set and you were out of there. 

It was down the block from the office – so I could workout lunch time – along with the other business guys from the area.  Worked well.  I actually was doing very heavy weights – yes – I mean very heavy weights.  Added a number of secondary exercises – but could never get into Cardio.

Did that for a number of years.  But things changed and I slacked off both from the diet and the exercise.  And – the weight came back – a pound at a time.


Some where in the early 90s, I did another bout.  Diet and exercise.  Got down to less than 225, maybe even close to 200.  Went on a Trip to Italy.  Bought an unbelievably soft fall/spring leather jacket. 

But once again lost my focus.  Then the local gym closed and that was a perfect excuse not to exercise.  Too far to travel.   Weight started to come back – that leather jacket went into storage with all my other outgrown clothing.

A couple of more half hearted attempts – but by March 2007, I was up to 260 pounds.  Actually – it may have been more – but – I jumped off the scale when the numbers hit that mark.  And that brings us up to recent history.  (To be continued on a new page.)

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