36> 6 Years of Eating Low Carb – March 12, 2013

On March 12, 2007, I started eating very low carb and exercising.  I was 260 pounds and had not exercised in more years than my memory can count.

It has been a long journey.  The major goal was weight loss –  80 pounds.  I stabilized at 180 and have held constant for the last 5 years.  Constant does not mean the same weight every day – that is impossible – at least for me.  It does mean keeping my weight in the 178-182 range.  Yes – every once in a while it will go a pound or so higher – but I follow the 3 pound rule.  Stop any weight gain before it gets higher than 3 pounds.  HOLD THE LINE.

I’ve gone from Carb Counting to the TNT Diet and Carb Cycling.  Today, I am still doing Plan A – which is basically a Ketogenic Diet.

I believe it was Lyle MacDonald among many others who said that it is unrealistic to believe that any one can maintain a Ketogenic Diet for long.  Many have even said that it is inherently unhealthy.  My experience and the experience of others tell a different tale.

I’ve learned a great deal.  Reading some of my earlier posts and pages will give you an idea where my head was – at that time.  Today – I am at a different place.  My food choices are constantly changing and evolving.  I read what ever I can find on the topic.  There is no one right way – no one person with all the answers.

Exercising has become a 6 day a week mandate.  I need to go to the gym every morning.  I need to constantly get my body moving.  Sitting at a desk all day needs to be balanced by other activities.

The Spring 2013 52DC starts tomorrow.  It has been a continuing source of structure, support and knowledge.  I will continue to be there.

The knowledge I’ve gained has guided me in helping my wife recover from a stroke.  The knowledge I’ve gained in helping her has helped me sharpen my own workouts.  My mother would have said that I was being prepared to be helpful.  Not going to argue that point.

I will continue doing what I’m doing – after all – I threw away all my large size clothing.  I will NOT buy larger clothing because I am unable to maintain control of my own life.  Not gonna happen.

Another year down – so many more to look forward to.

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