16> Summer of ’09 NROL and Me!

There is no question that maintaining your weight is tougher than losing weight. My low weight was 177+/-, not counting the 173 that happened post hernia operation. Today I am at 181+/- and I am not happy. I am still doing Plan B with very few true re-feed meals, let alone a re-feed day or two. My eating has not really changed. So – I do not know what is going on.

The discussions on the forum about weight variances are interesting. So many individuals buy into the concept that eating too few calories will stop weight loss. They use to refer to this as your body going into starvation mode and attempting to preserve itself. I am not eating anywhere close to that level of caloric intake.

I will not start counting calories. I am attempting to really monitor portion sizes. If necessary – I will drop down to Plan A.

One aspect of this could be my body’s reaction to increasing the level of effective weight lifting. I had been doing the workouts originally designed by my Personal Trainer. No question that I stayed with them too long. I intended to pick up more sessions – but – the recession got in the way. I finally purchased the NROL, the New Rules of Lifting. Check in on my Workout section of these pages for more about the actual workouts.

What is happening is that I am actually stressing some of my muscles that have not seen any real action, including my glutes. I know that I have increased strength. No – I do not lift anywhere near what so many others do. I can list my excuses: age, bad knees and bad back. The reality is that I have been able to plow through these excuses – with a bit of caution.

I have completed NROL Break In and Fat Loss I. I will start Fat Loss II, tomorrow. There are some components that are going to be more difficult than I would like – but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

So – the question is: Does my body need to retain more weight for me to bulk up?  I am relatively thin in comparison to so many weight lifters. Given my age, my testosterone production is probably low and I am fighting just to keep the muscle from dissipating. This aging business shheeettttsss – but given the alternative……………

What undermines my self confidence and makes the scale rule my life is my gut. I know that for the most part it is excess skin – but there is fat underneath it. I realize that there is very little fat covering the remainder of my body, but even so, when I see my gut I still see a fat man. The damage we do to ourselves.

I do have to be happy about reaching some personal bests. Counting the 45 pounds of the bar, I am Dead Lifting and Squatting 150+ pounds. I also did my barbell bench presses with 45 pound weights. None of this is amazing – but it is significant progress for this guy.

I will keep plugging along with the exercise program. I know that I will be circling back to some of the exercises in order to get the form and the weights up to a respectable level. Should take a year or so. Hey – by then I will be on Medicare. Whoopppeee!

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  1. James Fulkerson (facebook: jimmie orvilleson)
    Aug 11, 2015 @ 05:14:00

    I am enjoying browsing through your blog and picking up info – your determination is also reassuring/boosting.


    • TNT Man
      Aug 11, 2015 @ 05:36:13


      Thanks for dropping in. I just glanced at this post – haven’t read it in many years – still true.

      Good luck with your journey.

      TNT Man


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