23> Low Carb Eating and Dermatitis

The following is part of a discussion on the TNT Forum on April 26th:


130 and holding……

Hey TNT Family! Miss you guys so I decided to write up a bit in here. I’ve switched to Abs diet food about 2 weeks ago and have yet to lose any weight. Which is fine for now because I was a little worried I’d gain some weight after TNT. But again, still trying to lose these lbs!

Anyway, looking back to when I was on TNT though, I noticed my skin was so nice. I have a history of excema, espcially on my face. Its pretty much red spots like rashes. While on TNT it cleared up amazingly! No pills or creams the drs gave me ever cleared it up like that – except for prednisone… but thats a temp fix. Had this problem for 9+ years. My family and friends didn’t really like the idea of locarb and it got me down since I wasn’t losing weight. But felt even if I’m not losing, it was a total benefit to have clear skin!

Now that I added some whole grains, beans, fruit, and yogurt… guess what – yep my face got irritated again. Something with all or one of them doesn’t agree with my skin…. and allergy test show negative for all. Funny enough though, I was eating nuts during TNT and I am allergic to those?! with no reactions.

I’m going to reevaluate my diet again…. and might be leaning toward TNT again.

Just thought I’d share my observations with you all.


A friend who has gone low carb – although without the exercise – recently had blood tests and his CRP – Inflammation Test – came back with significant improvement over his prior one, along with improvement in his Cholesterol and Triglyceride numbers.

Given the significant improvement in my Cholesterol and Trygliceride numbers and other blood tests and the impact on my psoriasis – I am one happy gent.


I believe there is a reference in the TNT Book.  See Page 225 of TNT Book.

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