13> 40th Anniversary Cruise to the Greek Isles

Five months after the start of our diet and exercise program, in August 2007, we celebrated our 40th anniversary.  We wanted this one to be special.  Not just another cruise to the Caribbean or an all inclusive somewhere.  We wanted to “see something” and at the same time not be touring in the classic sense of driving from destination to another or being on a bus with a tour guide and going from one hotel to another.  Only one type of trip fits that description and that is a Cruise to specific destinations. 

We booked a cruise to Greece, Croatia and Turkey.  The ship was a small one with only 600 or so passengers.  High End.  Gourmet Food.  And Tours – a book filled with day tours.   Our Goal: see everything we could.  We didn’t want to just be driven around and – “look out the window to your right and see….”  We wanted to experience it all.  So we booked the most intensive day tours we could find.  Every port was filled with experiences.  There was a key – told you how much walking each tour entailed – we ignored it. 

The ship was small but intimate.  A feeling of luxury pervaded.  The food – my oh my – the food was just over the top.  Because of the level we had booked – we had 4 meals at the specialty restaurants, where the food was even better.  They had an interesting way to handle a bottle of wine.  If you did not finish it, they put it away – properly – and no matter where you were on the ship – you could call for that bottle.  Allowed us to have our wine and maintain some limits.

Two things happened that tested our metal.  First, the Fires.  So many fires in Greece.  You read about it – saw it on the news – we had the ash pour down upon us.  Still have a pair of pants with ash stains.  Could not see the site of the original Olympics – they were fighting to keep it safe.

Second – a heat spell – WOW.  So hot – you melted.  In that weather we climbed to the top of every mountain in Greece.  The ancient Greeks built their temples high on the mountains to be closer to the gods.  The climb in the heat was something.


And when we had a chance – we went to the fitness center and did our workout routines.  We did not lounge in the sun and drink sweet drinks – we exercised on top of walking on the tours.  Now that is as strange as it gets.

Food – let me tell you – the food was just beyond belief.  But – we controlled ourselves – mostly.  We took a simple attitude – if we were going to have something off our Low Carb diet – then it had better be something special and the quantity controlled.   Were we as perfect as I would like you to believe – no way – but we were not what we HAD been.

We met some real nice people.  Still have an email relationship with a couple from England.  May see them when they come to Florida.  Another couple who live near our vacation home in Florida, we see when we are down there – this is just nice.  It comes from the size of the ship and the intimacy of the surroundings.

And when we go home – the best was yet to come – we had not damaged ourselves.  A happy ending to a dream anniversary celebration for our first 40 years together.

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