17> TNT Diet Plan B, Creatine & Me.

By February 2008, I was exercising 6 days a week.  I alternated Resistance Training days with HIIT and Core Training days.  Friday was and still is my only scheduled day off.  

The first question in creating my Plan B Protein/Carb pre and post workout shakes was – what would the components be?  The book recommended a number of different powders.  I looked them all up and bluntly – did not want a counter with multiple large containers of Protein powder.  As it was, we had two different flavors, and storage was a pain.  End result, I decided on a fat free yogurt with the Protein shake for pre-workout and 8oz of low fat chocolate milk mixed with my protein powder for my post workout shake.

You can check out all the details on what I am having at my Protein & Carbs page.

The real question was:  Do I have a Plan B Protein/Carb shake only on my RT days or every day.  The level of training on my HIIT/Core days was substantial.  I decided to add the carbs every day that I exercised – 6 days a week.

I also read in the TNT book about Creatine Monohydrate.  My Personal Trainer was in favor of it.  So – I added Creatine to my morning shake before I worked out.   My PT wanted me to add another “something” to the mix.  I looked it up on the Internet and found that it had a side effect – explosive diarrhea – sorry – not going to happen.

Over the course of the next 2-3 weeks, my weight exploded.  I must have gained 6-8 pounds.  I was in an absolute state of panic and requested information on the forum.  That is when I found out about Creatine’s side effects.  It will make the body retain water – upwards of 6-8 pounds.   I may have been the only guy on the face of the earth who did not know this.  Adam – you should have footnoted that in the book when you recommended Creatine.  Add that impact to the small water weight gain with the added Carbs and WOW.

I also went in for another blood test.  There was one sub test that the Doc did not like.  I told him about Creatine, he said stop taking it.  I stopped and most of the water weight came off – but not all.  By the way – the next blood test – that particular measure was back in the normal range – who knows.

BUT – I had for the most part stopped losing weight, and had gained a pound or two.  This was just not the way it should be.  I had been losing consistently.  After multiple discussions on the forum, I came to the conclusion that having the Protein/Carb mix on HIIT/Core days was over doing it.  I limited myself to only Protein shakes on those days.

I also realized that I seemed to be really Carb sensitive.  In order to continue losing weight, I had to tightly control all other Carbs that I was eating.  I had become lax in my eating habits.  With the Plan B shakes, that was now a thing of the past. 

There is a reality, as effective as low carb eating is, you still need to have a caloric deficit if you are going to lose weight.  That deficit may be less than on a Low Fat diet, but a deficit never the less.  When you are as grossly overweight as I was, I could ignore the issue.  Not any more.  With the addition of the carbs every other day, I had picked up an additional 270 calories a day or 810 calories a week.  That is a substantial increase in calories. 

I do not want to be a calorie counter.  I do not want to enter every mouthful on fitday.com.  I have lived like that and I do not want to live like that again.  So – what I am left with is controlling portion size and secondary sauces, gravies and other tasty things added to my food.  Back to the old Weight Watchers rule – “The food should taste the same after you wash it.”

Once I made those adjustments, I started to lose weight again – albeit – slowly.

Edit 6/27/09:

Genefromok posted on the TNT Forum on  Jun 25, 2009: 
I started reading up more on glycogen and aware that the body can store up to 500 grams of glycogen = 2,000 grams of water = 4.4 lbs of water. So if I went to plan D or E, it wouldn’t be a total shock where some of this weight came from.

I had one other issue:  What weight did I want to be?  I did not know then and I still do not know.

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