18> What Weight Should I Be?

Came across some pictures.  They were of me in the summer of 1981.  I was at a really low weight – probably around the 160 mark.  Got there doing Weight Watchers and a bit of exercise using Nautilus equipment.  No real muscle development – although I was exercising regularly – but – boy was I thin. 

We were on a cruise to celebrate my wife’s graduation from graduate school.  She went back after the kids were in school full time. 

I look at me and wonder – how did I let myself go from that to 260?  During the ensuing years – I was up and down the scale numerous times – never that low and always a bit higher than the last time.

Now the question is: how low should I go?

I am at 177.  Have been floating around that point for a while.  Sometimes move closer to 175 and at other times up to 179.  My present way of life – meaning Low Carb eating and significant exercising – has kept me in that range.  To go lower – I would have to really lower my caloric intake.  I can do that – but would it stick – and is it worth it?

I have tried to make myself understand that I have to be able to maintain my weight without counting calories or depriving myself of living and eating in a manner that is comfortable to me.  Arbitrary numbers – just don’t cut it.

So having said that – I seem to be at a point where I am trying to find a balance where I will not gain weight.  I am trying to put on more muscle – which means – reducing body fat – not weight.  AND – most importantly – I am trying to do this without counting calories or grams of carbs – just living – following the Low Carb – TNT guidelines.

For me – this is a Grand Experiment.  Not losing – not gaining – just being.

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