> Nutrient Timing – The Light Bulb Goes On!

TNT is all about nutrient timing.  When should you ingest protein, fats and carbs. 

Plan A is simple – limited carbs mainly from veggies and some seconday sources.  You are always eating a Fat Burning Meal, i.e., a meal with a significant Fat content.  The only time you eschew fat is when you are working out.  You should not have any real amount of fat for the period of approximately one hour before your workout to one hour after your workout.  You only protein during that time period by either a shake or real food.

Plan B – same as Plan A but you add Carbs to the pre and post workout protein.  Still – No Fat during this time frame.

What is going on?  The underlying fact is that Fat slows down Protein and Carb digestion and absorption. 

So – if you have Fat during your workout time frame – you are undermining the availability of Protein for muscle development and repair.  Further, you are undermining the availability of Carbs for the “forced” insulin spike you are seeking during this time frame to drive the glycogen into your muscles.

Add to this the impact of fat on the whole Glycemic Index fad.  You can lower a foods glycemic index by ingesting it with fat.  That slows down the absorption and lowers the GI impact.  So – a Candy Bar with significant fat and sugar will have a lower GI than the “low fat” version of the same candy bar.  Men’s Health had an article about this using Twixt as an example.

End result – the foisting of “low fat – high carb” products on consumers increased the GI of a food and thereby the insulin spike.  We shot ourselves in the foot.  No wonder there has been an increase in diabetes.

Fat the new health food.

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