> Protein – Am I eating enough or too much?

Am I eating enough Protein. You are suppose to have approximately 1 gram of Protein per pound of body weight. For the purpose of these discussions I weigh 180 pounds. So, I should be eating 180 grams of Protein a day.

I did a quick review of a possible day. These are not etched in stone, but gives you an idea of where my protein is coming from. Then add on all of the couple of grams of protein that are here there and everywhere.

End result – it is just not difficult for me to get to and exceed 180 grams of protein in a given day – no matter what I eat. This is especially true with the 40+ grams of Whey Protein. If I were not exercising, I would not need that level of protein and would not be having the Whey Protein Shakes.  And – on the days that I have the Protein/Carb shake – the Carb sources, yogurt and milk, add more protein.

BTW: This day has approximately 1,350 – 1,500 calories. That does not include: veggies, butter, oil, sour cream, cream and mayo.  That is another tale to be told


  • Two Extra Large Egg: 2 eggs
    • Protein (g) 14 or 56 calories
    • Fat, total (g) 12 or 108 calories
  • 4 slices of lean corned beef:
    • Protein (g) 22.76 or 91 calories
    • Fat, total (g) 12.54 or 113 calories 12.5


  • 4 medium slice of bacon
    • Protein (g) 11.85 or 48 calories
    • Fat, total (g) 13.37 or 120 calories


  • 6oz of Canned Tuna Fish:
    • Protein (g) 43.39 or 173.5 calories
    • Fat, total (g) 1.39 or 12.5 calories 1.5


  • 6oz of ground sirloin (lean) (almost always more):
    • Protein (g) 43.73 or 175 calories
    • Fat, total (g) 26.11 or 235 calories 26


  • 6oz of beef steak (almost always more):
    • Protein (g) 46.61 or 187 calories
    • Fat, total (g) 25.24 or 227 calories


  • 6oz of boneless skinless chicken breast: (almost always more)
    • Protein (g) 47.99 or 192 calories
    • Fat, total (g) 5.52 or 54 calories

2 – 20 gram Whey Protein shakes (almost always more – I mound the scoop)


  • 2 cubic inches of cheese: 
    • Protein (g) 7 or 29 calories
    • Fat, total (g) 10 or 90
  • 1oz almonds:
    • Protein (g) 6.03 or 24 calories
    • Fat, total (g) 14.04 or 126 calories

Total Protein 165-180 grams (720 calories)

Total Fat: 70 grams (630 calories)

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