> > Over Eating Protein – a 2nd Look

A review of my protein intake clearly shows that I have been over eating protein. 

Assuming 180 pounds and 20% body fat, I should be eating less than 145 grams of protein a day.   Different than what I originally said – the general rule is one gram of protein per pound of Lean Body Mass.  There is disagreement on what this number should be.  It really depends upon the level of exercise.

Assuming 25 grams in a whey protein shake, I am ingesting 50 grams a day just from the shakes, and on weight training days add an additional 17+ grams from the chocolate milk and yogurt.  That leaves less than 100 grams to take in from natural food.   

A 7oz can of Tuna Fish is 50 grams of Protein.   A 6oz serving of cooked chicken is 46 grams, and there is no question I eat more than that.   I snack on Cheese.  One ounce of cheese is 5-8 grams.  I have a couple a day.  Let’s not forget peanut butter with 4 grams per tablespoon.  Oh – I start each day with one or two eggs and some meat – so I am picking up easily 15-20 grams there.

End result:  I really have not been following the “portion size” concepts set out in the book.  I have been so set against Fitday and similar programs that I have let myself get loose on my actual food intake.   I got fat in the fist place not from over eating garbage but from over eating mostly healthy food – well – yes – I also over ate some wrong foods – but they were not the central focus of my food intake.

Ordered dinner at Outback the other night.  Had their small 6oz steak.  Man – 6 oz is one tiny steak.  Had lunch today at Mickey D’s.  A third pound Angus sandwich which is probably 4oz+ post cooking weight has 40-45 grams of protein. 

It is so easy to over eat protein.

Edit 12-20-09:  There have been a number of posts on the TNT Forum which focus on the posters inability to eat enough protein?  I do not understand what they are eating.  I have to work hard on limiting my protein intake.

EDIT 12/23/11:  “No one has ever shown that more than 1.5 grams/kg improves human protein synthesis (which translates to ≈ 100 gram/day for a 5’10” male, about what the average US omnivore eats daily (100 gram = 400 kcal = 15% of 2700 kcal).”  The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, Volek & Phinney, page 60. So at my weight – 180 pounds, I should be eating closer to 125 grams of protein.

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