21> I Know It Is Not Just Me – But

I have chosen to be active on the TNT forum.  Originally, I was there more to seek help and guidance but as time moved on, I have become a guide.   There are several individuals who fall into that category – some more than others.  EGYNutrition is one.  Still in High School, but very knowledgeable and always willing to share his knowledge.  Kongholiday has become another.  He has had significant success and is happy to share.  Others have come and gone and I know that as time marches on, I will eventually move on.

But, today is still today.  I find myself wondering why there are those individuals who have all the wrong information and are willing to not only share it but make it appear as if they really are in the KNOW.  These guys drive me up the wall.

I have spent time reading and re-reading the TNT Diet book.  It is written and designed for the 20 – 30 something Guy who is more interested in gaining muscle than in losing weight.  The language the authors have chosen to use, as well as the way in which they structure the diet in a simple and direct manner appeal to this demographic.  No Problem.  I understand the demographic, and although I am twice their average age, it appeals to me.  The difference, I read for content and re-read for understanding.

I have bought into the author’s “system.”  I have seen it work, as has Kongholiday and so many others.  We understand the nature of what is going on and are willing to push forward.  But – there are the guys that spend their time surfing the web and picking up bits and pieces from all over.  They synthesize this into a belief system that is “neither here nor there.”  They construct things that apply to them at that minute and generalize from there.  They then preach the gospel of nothingness as if it were based on a cohesive science. 

It would not bother me so much if they kept their opinions to themselves.  Instead, they poison new comers.  When Kongholiday, EGY or others spot the misinformation, we attempt to correct it.  Be we are not always there and we can not always undue the damage.

So the question is simple:  Why do people not buy the book or if purchased, read and follow it.  Why will they ask questions that are answered and follow fools advice?  If you know – tell me.

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