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Clean Eating is a concept that has been usurped by the Low Fat world.  When you look at the material that has been printed – and there is a large amount – including magazines all bearing the name “Clean Eating,” what you get is a very slanted picture.  Although most of the authors do not prohibit fats, they restricts eating saturated fats.  There is a constant refrain of only eating lean meats and replacing saturated fats with non saturated fats.  

The TNT Diet is in essence a Low Carb Clean Eating program.  The elimination of most Carbs by its very nature eliminates most highly processed foods.  We are encouraged to eat protein and vegetables prepared in a manner that does not have added processed carbs.  The mere fact that saturated fats are a component of the eating plan does not make it not Clean. 

The integration of complex carbs as a component of Plans C, D & E speak to the timing and use of the carbs to support exercise goals.  Similarly, the use of fast acting carbs without fats combined with protein ingested before and after the workout supports exercise goals and muscle development.

When I was first on Weight Watchers in the late 60’s, it was a Clean Eating low calorie low fat program.  Today it has evolved into a low calorie and low fat program that relies heavily on Weight Watchers products, most of which are made with highly processed carbohydrates.  Take out the fat and add carbs.  Read the labels and it becomes obvious.

There is a similar evolution happening in the Low Carb World.  There are Atkins bars galore, chocolates by top makers, stores filled with specialty Low Carb products.  What we now have is Highly Processed Low Carb foods that are really not that much different from the other  junk food that is out there.  A candy bar by any other name ………………..

And that brings me to Sugar Alcohols.   The following excerpt is from the Wikepedia article on Sugar Alcohol:

“However, like many other incompletely digestible substances, overconsumption of sugar alcohols can lead to bloating, diarrhea and flatulence because they are not absorbed in the small intestine.”

Here I am, a guy who is severely lactose intolerant and has to take lactaid pills by the handful; and a guy that has to pop “Beano” pills in order to eat Mexican Food – yes – pre TNT. Do you have any idea what those Sugar Alcohols are doing to me? I will save you the pain and me the embarrassment, by not elaborating.

You can tell my bias:  I am very much in favor of Low Carb Clean Eating and not in favor of highly processed low carb foods designed to separate me from my money.

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  1. guythehealthypaleoguy
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 11:46:03

    Hi there TNT Man

    Just found your blog, I started my own recently, paleo style.

    I think I lost most of the weight I need to, and am now looking around for the building up of body muscles. I did mostly Slowburn resistance training/ weights but haven’t nail down a protocol/method yet. I just saw this TNT book at the bookstore and seems to be in continuation of my low-lowcarb paleo way of life.

    I wonder how you find the TNT method in retrospect, are you still doing it? I’m not into protein drinks so don,t know if they are essential to this method. Anyhow you can see some of my photos and progress on my blog at his page:

    Any feedback on TNT you could give me would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks Paleo Guy


    • TNT Man
      Sep 15, 2010 @ 11:55:04

      Hey. Congrats on your progress.

      I am still doing the TNT program. The basic reason – I exercise 6 days per week and TNT integrates exercise nutrition into the low carb eating program.

      The book provides you with whole food alternatives to the Protein drinks. So – yes it is doable without using them.

      Good Luck
      TNT Man


  2. guythehealthypaleoguy
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 15:54:41

    Thanks! Will look in the book for the drinks alternatives!


  3. Alva
    Sep 13, 2013 @ 14:32:10


    Ive been low carbing for 5 months now and have lost about 25kg, but i havent worked out yet. Had my first baby in April, and thats why i havent had time to hit the gym. or energy. But now im starting up and i wonder if i can get toned and fit without carbs? I really like this low carb thing!! Your blog is great btw..


    • TNT Man
      Sep 13, 2013 @ 15:18:13


      Congrats on your weight loss – and especially upon your new baby – wonderful.

      No question – you can exercise and gain strength and tone while eating low carb. I did it – you can too.

      Enjoy being a Mom.

      TNT Man


  4. Alva
    Sep 13, 2013 @ 17:23:36

    Thank you so much, and thank you for quick reply! 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to hitting the gym now! I’ll follow your blog and ask you for advice when needed if that’s ok. Nothing better than experienced people to learn from!

    Again thank you so much!! 🙂


    • TNT Man
      Sep 13, 2013 @ 21:01:34

      Go for it!


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