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During the winter of 2007, a number of events in my life collided.  All pushed me towards my present situation.

First: Our 40th Anniversary trip was booked.  We were going on a high end cruise to Greece.  Small ship, gourmet food and an unbelievable touring experience.  We were to start our trip at Athens Greece and end in Istanbul, Turkey with two stops in Croatia.  We booked ourselves onto every tour that was possible.  We were set to cram in the most we could.  My wife started hinting – loudly – that we needed to go on a diet – and start exercising, if we were going to be able to handle the tours.

Second:  I had an upper respiratory cough that would not abate.  Went to the Doc.  When he saw my Blood Pressure – he put me on BP meds.  I said -“better start dieting and getting back to the gym.”  He said “not until you have all these blood tests and I clear you to go.”  Naturally, I ignored him and put the blood test referral on the side of my desk.

Third:  During this entire time, I still subscribed to Men’s Health.  I did let my Men’s Fitness subscription lapse.  Articles started to appear that showed the value of Low Carbs, even though MH was pushing their ABS Diet which was a Low Fat program.  I also started to spot the various studies which were coming out in favor of the Low Carb program.   Having spent my life in the Low Fat camp and hating it, I was attracted to this new way of thinking.

Fourth:  A friend just had lost 50+ pounds and I was jealous of his success.

Fifth:  I decided that the time was ripe for us (my wife and I) to start dieting and exercising.  I did a quick tour of the closest fitness centers, and was satisfied with what I saw at the NYSC.  Not the cheapest – but it had what I needed, and my friend vouched for it.

Sixth:  I stood at the Diet section of Barnes and Noble and glanced through all of the diet books – particularly those focused on Low Carb.  I bought a small, palm sized Carb Counter.  The opening pages layed out Low Carb eating “in a nutshell.”  Quick and easy for those who wanted a fast start.

Seventh:  On March 12, 2007, we went to the local NYSC, signed up for a weeks free trial and started eating Low Carb.

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