Jalapeño Peppers – Stuffed

Jalapeño Peppers – Stuffed

Thanks to JZAV113 for the original recipe.

30 Jalapeño peppers.

Slice them down the middle remove inside (wear gloves). Next boil some water and drop the peppers in for a couple of minutes then remove and put in ice water. This makes them not so hot.

Chicken breasts – 1 lb.

Boil the chicken breasts. When chicken is done cut into small pieces and mix with a packet of cream cheese.

Stuff the peppers with the chicken cream cheese filling and wrap a slice of bacon around it.

Cook them on the grill or in the oven until bacon is brown.

loghouse’s Variation:

Slice the jalapeo peppers in half and de-seed (don’t boil the peppers if you like ’em hot).

Fill the halves with cream cheese, wrap with half a slice of bacon, and bake at 325 until the bacon is done.

VABeachGirl’s Vegetarian Variation:

Works well with banana peppers and tofaken too!

tcul1972’s Variation:

Sprinkle some sugar-free BBQ rub on them and grill indirect on a charcoal grill with some apple or pecan wood.

JMC1077’s Variation:

Jalapeño Poppers

6 Jalapeño Peppers
Cream cheese
1 Egg
Ground Flaxseed

-Cut the peppers in half but leave one side connecter (so they open like they are on a hinge) Then gut the peppers….leave some seeds in if you like them very spicy.

-Fill them with cream cheese and close them up
-Dip in egg
-Roll in ground flaxseed
-Pan fry in olive oil

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