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Being the first generation to grow up with TV, I learned quickly the concept of product placement. The placements in early – life – TV were omnipresent. The show was one long commercial, or the commercial was woven into the show almost seamlessly.

My daughter is now in Marketing and has worked in the TV and Internet industries. Amazing. She fully educated me on the concept of partnering. Once the light goes on, you see it everywhere.  I get a kick out of marketing. Yes – we are all aware of product tie-ins. We see them on TV or in the movies. They are ubiquitous.

What does that have to do with Spartacus?   “The Spartacus Workout,” on page 428 of the BBOE has gotten a special boost. The Starz network TV show is being launched. The BBOE is being launched. The recent issue of Men’s Health, January/February 2010, has an article by Adam Campbell “Lift to Lose” and a tear out poster featuring one of the stars of the new show, Andy Whitfield, demonstrating the workout.  Adam’s book is being pushed.  Damn nice – well done MH Marketing Department.

Everyone that has tried it, loves it as much as they hate it. Now it is your turn to try out the Spartacus Workout.

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  1. barneyrocks
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 14:22:59

    TNTMan, I just finished the beach ready workout for 8 weeks and used your handy chart for an aid to record details and stay organized. I am now moving on to Spartacus workout. I saw you have a detailed description of each exercise which I reviewed. Do you have a chart posted somewhere on your site I can priint out?
    Thanks for your insight to these workouts with useful printouts too.

    I am thinking about doing Spartacus for 2 weeks………………any suggestions provided that is all I will do to cover cardio and resistance?
    Thanks again, barneyrocks


    • TNT Man
      Aug 29, 2011 @ 16:19:45

      Glad the log helped – it looks like I miss labled this one. I managed to post the workout – but since I never did it – no log.

      You can make this log yourself – even if you just chart it out by hand.

      Good Luck
      TNT Man


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