14> November 2007 Issue of Men’s Health

We had started  the Low Carb journey with a simple couple of page explanation in a palm size Carb Counter booklet.  It was working well.  At our weight – any diet works well.  We were exercising and working with a Personal Trainer who wanted us to drink Gatorade during workouts.  Sorry Dan – not going to happen. 

During this time, I started reading various Low Carb articles on-line.  There is a wealth of information.  I also started to gain a bit of understanding of the need for “protein shakes” both before and after your work out, but the information was confusing and contradictory.  The Low Carb camp is in direct conflict with the Carbs during exercise camp.  They both agree that protein is necessary but after that ????????????

Then the November 2007 issue of Men’s Health arrived.  No question in my mind – this was a turning point in my Low Carb journey.  I know from posts on the TNT forum that this issue had the same eye opening effect on others.

There were two Articles which were obviously designed to launch the MH “TNT DIET” book.

On page 166 was an Article about saturated fat entitled “What if Bad Fat is Actually Good For You?”  This is an attempt to debunk the Low Fat juggernaut.  It is an excellent analysis of the whole Low Fat issue.

On page 134 was the Article introducing TNT entitled  “Trade Your Belly for Biceps” by the authors of TNT, Jeff Volek and Adam Campbell.   It was the TNT diet in a “Nut Shell.”    I must have read this Article a dozen times, just trying to get the information into my head and have it make sense.

On page 138 was the reference to the book and also to the MensHealth.com information about the TNT diet and exercise program.  I have been a long time subscriber to Men’s Health and occasionally glanced at its web site.  Well, this time I was hooked.  I signed on and read the TNT information on-line over and over again.   Finally, in late December or early January, the TNT book was available at my local book store. 

I believe that the most important aspect of the TNT Diet is that it integrates exercise nutrition with Low Carb eating in a manner that allows normal individuals to participate in the program without the necessity of counting Calories or Carbs.  The more information I read from other sources, the more that information supported the authors’ positions.

I now understood how and when to use protein shakes and when to add Carbs to those shakes or when to add Carbs as part of a general re-loading program.

Yes – the book is designed to appeal to the Men’s Health demographic, the relatively young male who wants to lose weight, build muscle and still go out with the guys and have pizza and beer.  So be it.  Understanding their target audience does not undermine the validity of the information, but only illuminates why it is presented in the manner it is.

So – Thank you Jeff and Adam.  And thank you Men’s Health for getting past the Abs Diet and allowing this to be part of the choices you present to your readers.

Edit: 6-23-10: The following is the link to the old TNT Information that was previously on the Men’s Health Web Site.

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  1. James Fulkerson (facebook: jimmie orvilleson)
    Jan 01, 2016 @ 05:41:01

    Now in 2016, do you still use protein shakes along with your exercise routines?


    • TNT Man
      Jan 01, 2016 @ 08:26:45

      Yes. But I’ve modified it a bit. I mix 20 grams of Isopure Whey Protein with 8oz of Coffee. I mix the coffee with ice to cool it down so the whey will not “cook.” It stirs with a spoon. That is my “go to” drink before every workout. I do not have the post workout protein shake – just eat a protein & fat breakfast within 30 – 40 minutes of leaving the gym. I do not have carbs in my shake – gave that up years ago. Works for me.


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