The 2013 Winter 52 Day Challenge starts one week from today.  I’ve got a bit of prep work to do.  First – I’ve been using a re-run of my DIY program just to get me through this period of time.  I really need to sit down and just work up another program.  That is not going to take that much time – just a lot of focus – which I have not been able to do.

Second – I’ve got to figure out another series of complexes – for my cardio days.  I hate the cardio machines.  Really do.  The Burpees are painful – and I’ve been there and done that.  The series of exercises I’ve been doing are getting really boring.  Then came the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Men’s Health.  On page 104, as part of their 7 Tests of True Strength is the “Squat, Curl, Push Press.”  The goal is to do 20 reps in one minute – holding dumbbells that are 30% of your body weight.  For me that would be two – 27.5 pound dumbbells.  I’ll settle for two – 25 pounder’s.  With due apologies to Men’s Health – this is what it looks like:


Naturally, this a Chad Waterbury torture. I did a couple of reps holding 15 pound DBs. It may take me all 52 days to get close to the goal. The drill – do two sets of 16 with 90 seconds rest between the sets. Once you can do 20 reps – add weight. I may have to start with 5 or 10 pound DBs just to get to the requisite 16.

With a bit of luck – this will be the heart of my Cardio program – along with push-ups and chin-ups. (hopefully)