My wife, who is working very hard to recover her physicality from a stroke, commented that she could no longer jump.  Where did that come from?  From her Zumba class she is taking to get back her rhythmic movement. 

As it happens, my nephew and family were staying over.  His 10 yo daughter is a dancer.  An amazing young lady.  I turned to her and said – Show your aunt how to jump.  And I watched this little girl in bare feet take flight.  Have you ever analyzed a jump?  I never did, until I saw her and realized that the force was through her toes.  Heels lift and toes push and you take flight.

My wife watched, and tried.  It only took a couple of tries and a bit of descriptive instruction – and she was airborne.  Shocked the hell out of her.  She tried it several more times.  Her capability to jump was still there – but she had to think about it.  No longer second nature – now an active thought process that controlled the movement.

Today – a full 36 hours later, I asked her to jump.  Damn – she was jumping and hoping forward – backward – side to side. 

It took one excellent teacher demonstrating the process.  When she left this morning, I said – thank you – and meant it.

Strokes take away so much – and if you don’t constantly push yourself  – you are a Goner.  I am lucky that my wife is willing to push – to try – to never give up.  Next – skipping – then – just maybe – box jumps.