Last evening my Friday morning BNI business breakfast meeting was re-scheduled for a Thursday evening dinner meeting.  The organizers chose an Italian restaurant – one I know (knew) well.

Got there at 6’ish for time to talk – decided that a Cabernet was appropriate.  Circulated – talked – and did all that was expected.

The owner recognized me and complimented me on my weight loss.  He wondered – where had I been – ha!

As the meeting started the wait staff put out trays of Italian Bread, Garlic Bread and Garlic knots – damnation – I love that stuff.  Some how I managed to keep my hands out of those trays – really – really hard to do – but I managed.  It may have had to do with stopping at home and having something to take the edge off my hunger.

Dinner was buffet style.  I did not have the Lasagna nor the noodles.  Salad – check.  The chicken and veal both had a bit of “breading”  not heavy – just a bit.  Still – did not smother them in sauce.

Desert was tough – the Waiters were more like Pushers – a Chocolate Mouse Cake and a Cheese Cake.  I had a maybe a 2 inch squared piece of cheese cake.

Then – as luck would have it – I won the door prize – a $20 gift certificate card to Dunkin Donuts.  I was ready to give it away – damn.  Then MichMT and dwidep – from the 52DC suggested I just buy coffee.

After lunch – had to eat before – I went to the local store and bought two boxes of K-Cups.  28 k-cups for $19.99 – $.71 a cup – $.30 more than I usually spend.  Ah well – free money.  I have One Penny still on the Card – and that is where they make their money.

I survived the ordeal – and since my Friday morning meeting no longer existed – I went to the gym – It was empty.  Asked around – Fridays are usually slow – but this was more so – school was closed today.  Had a great work out.